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Posted on 2014-09-09

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glowinbright Indefinite
Posted on 2014-09-09 at 00:00:00
I did a fairly thorough clean of my house and found the elusive stylus. So, yay, I can draw things again.


I sat down to make a comic last night and came up with bubkus. No good or even half-decent ideas crossed my mind. I think this is a direct result of too many things changing/happening at once in my life and I can't make my brain focus on something that is not an immediate necessity, so I'm thinking I need a little more time off. I'm afraid to give a deadline because I know I'll just blow it again. So, with a heavy heart I'm going to pull an indefinite hiatus. I feel super bad about this, but I think it's really necessary. Hopefully, the freedom of the indefiniteness will make the hiatus short.

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